Not our Harbor?


This past June the U.S. Coast Guard broad casted the concept of 10 or more new barge anchorage sites from Yonkers to Kingston on the Hudson River. Who knew that 5 months later a massive campaign opposing such an idea would be born? The campaign is known as “Ban the Barges” and is run by The Hudson River Waterfront Communities. The original proposal for these new anchorages came from the Maritime Association of the Port of New York & New Jersey and the American Waterways Operators. The Coast Guard in currently determining whether or not the new anchorages shall be created. They are listening to local communities and the tug and barge committees. Ban the Barges vigorously disagrees with adding anymore anchorages for several reasons; one of which states that the anchorages present a safety hazard in the river. Ban the Barges has created a petition that now holds 1,594 supporters out of the 2,500 they want. Both sides hold a powerful viewpoint on the topic of new barge anchorages on the Hudson River. The Coast Guard continues to respectfully listen to each side and trust a decision shall be made soon.