Basic Knots


The Sheet Bend

The Sheet Bend also know as the Weavers Knot is used to tie to lines of unequal size together; the thicker line used as the bite. But it also works equally well on lines of the same size and material.

How to Tie the Sheet Bend :

Step 1:
Form a loop with the thicker line 1, pass the end of the other line 2 under through the loop.

Step 2:

Then pass line 2 around the loop and then back under itself.

Step 3:

Pull all four ends to tighten.


The Square knot

The Square Knot ( Reef knot) is a simple binding knot that is good for securing less crucial items. It's generally used to tie objects together. But sailors use it for reefing, furling sails, etc.

How to Tie the Square Knot:

Step 1:

Take the ends of the line(s) cross the left end over the right (order can be reversed R/L). Then wrap it around the other side.

Step 2:

Cross the right end over left (reversed L/R) and then wrap it around the other side.

Step 3:

Now just just take both ends and tighten.

IMG_0569-300x219 (1).png

The Figure-Eight Knot

The Figure-Eight (Flemish Knot) is a type of stopper Knot. It is used to prevent a line from sliding and is easily undone although it is reliable.

How to Tie a Figure 8:

Step 1:

Pass the end of the line over itself to form a loop.

Step 2:

Then pass the end around itself and pull it through the loop.