Docking In Maine


On our trip in Maine, we got to board Capt. Susan J Clark, one of the school's vessels. We were able demonstrate our understanding of navigation by navigating through the bay. We mapped our route on charts and set sail. This was interesting to me because it was very different mapping out the route than just following it. We were out on the foggy waters for about two and a half hours. Toward the end of our sail, I was given the chance to pilot the vessel back to port. Little did I know I was going to be docking the vessel in the port with the assistance of Captain Chase. Pulling up to the dock was nerve-racking. The captain seemed to be calm the whole time. He didn't even leave his chair. It took about 3-5 minutes to dock the vessel. The whole time I was docking I tried to stay calm but on the inside I felt a mixture of fear and excitement. Once docked I was given a standing ovation from the crew and classmates. That relived me. I knew I hadn't messed up, at least not terribly. That was the highlight of my experience in Maine.