Staten island ferry Procedure

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My classmate Kevin and I have been working with the Staten Island Ferry for a few weeks. Each week we run through different aspects of the operations at the terminal or on the vessels such as safety checks on the ships or just getting a run down of the fueling stations/facilities. One of our past trips was while working on the vessel John F. Kennedy. We were brought aboard where we run through the standard procedures. First, while waiting for the passengers to finish boarding, we awaited the new shift of police officers. Every vessel requires that there be two offices as a part of the regular crew. Once they were on and the JFK had set off we began a walk through of each deck, just keeping an eye out for any issues or unusual disturbances. Luckily we had no such problems. After we finished our walk through it was already time to dock at Manhattan so we proceeded to the bow. This procedure was similar to the boarding process, but in addition we needed to advise  the passengers getting off  to keep an eye on the ramp. If the ramp was too slanted we would signal for it to be lowered and visa versa if it was close to scraping. Overall it was a simple day, informative as to how each back and forth trip went and to how different problems or procedures would be dealt with. We returned to the Staten Island terminal again and our round was done. A relaxed, yet interesting day of work.

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