Cool as Ice!


Pier 25 just got a fresh shipment of ice—160 individual packets to be exact. There was a somewhat long hiatus period where there was no ice at pier 25. There was a boat that would come by often by the name of "Nite Cap" and when he came by, he would always ask for ice. Unfortunately we'd have to tell him no, but say no, no more. Now we have 160 bags of ice and I can't imagine having to replenish them any time soon. After we received the fresh shipment of ice we instantly sold 1 bag of ice, so now we're down to 159 bags. While having ice may not seem like a big deal to some, it really is a big deal, especially in this weather. As an internship at pier 25 the ice that is now for sale provides us interns with a selling point from the business aspect of running pier 25. Being at pier 25 isn't just operating the launch and approaching boats anymore; now it's a business. Now that we have ice it's just another thing to tack onto the skills being learned at pier 25. In addition to that, the following day Chad was somewhat of an acting supervisor for the day and he provided me with a lot of foresight and advice as far as approaches and solo docking go. So with that, I was able to get a much  better grasp on the approaches to vessels on their mooring. At around the same time I noticed something floating in the water. Intrigued by what it was I asked Chad if we could approach it and try to grab it. So we did exactly that and it turns out it was a mask, I don't know anything about the mask but it definitely provided some interest and curiosity to the day.


Interns, SeniorVessel Ops