Heavy Lift Cargo Vessel Presentation

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A recent class work experience in vessel operations served as a good experience, recently we were researching vessels, first we received an image and then we had to find out what type of ship it was, from there we started to research what the vessel did,Me and my partner got different vessels, his was a MSC vessel and mine was a Heavy Lift Cargo Ship called the M.V Treasure, we decided to research and present about the MV Treasure.The purpose of a heavy lift cargo ship is to move heavy loads that normal ships cannot handle, it can take up to approximately 8 hours spent on de-ballasting be able to pick something out of the water,Heavy Lift Cargo ships can carry very heavy loads like Oil rigs, yachts, wind turbines.Something I found out about the M.V Treasure was that it was the heavy lift cargo ship that picked up the USS John S. Mccain after it had been in a collision with another vessel, and that another Heavy lift Cargo ship was contracted to lift the USS Fitzgerald after it had been in a collision months earlier.The USS John S. McCain is a Arleigh Burke-class destroyer which had collided with an oil tanker.

-William Ramirez