My Summer of 2018


This summer I had a lot of fun. I went on vacation and I started my new job at New York Water Taxi . After my junior year ended, I was an intern at the Billion Oyster Project for about a week before I went to New York water Taxi. I got the job as a deckhand and going into this position, I knew that I had a lot of responsibility and duties to maintain . Training at the company taught me a lot like customer service, safety, maintenance, and housekeeping. I met a lot of important people like Robert Haywood who was is currently a port captain at Water Taxi. I met other senior captains and deckhand too. Going through the training process was very hardworking . I learned all about the boats in the fleet and how they operate. I learned about the Sewage and waste systems , fresh water systems , manifold systems , how to handle fires, man overboard drills, anchor drills , and suspicious package. I had to check the bilges in take of water , make sure fire extinguishers are up to date and to see if safety equipment is in place. Most of these elements were new to me but some of them I was very familiar with because l learned them from Harbor school . My goal at water taxi is gain a lot of sea time because I want to acquire a captains license and Purse a career as a captain . I want to thank Luis Melendez for helping me get the job since he is also a captain at New York Water Taxi.

-Ryan Mitchell