Bussiness and Cosmetics


As a career I’ve been wanting to make my own makeup line. I also wanted to make my own corporation, along with that I’ve wanted to own multiple businesses and make multiple investments. But I also wanted to work in the fashion industry as a fashion designer or into the fashion/ business side. In order to achieve this I wanted to find the perfect college match to guide me in this path. I’ve looked at some school like FIT and a few other colleges in California. As previously mentioned I'm not only interested in the artistic and creative part of fashion and make-up, but i would also like to study business so that I could someday become my own successful business woman. Meaning i would also like to take business classes.But After that I wanted to participate in internships to get myself ready to go  down my own path, creating and establishing my own company/ corporation.

I've already started to put my work out there using social media on my makeup dedicated account on Instagram.

-Laura Hernandez