Our Mini Trip to Caddell


On April 17 my classmates and I took a trip on privateer to the Caddell Shipyard to go leave W.O Decker’s rudder. On our mini-trip, I saw a few interesting things that stuck out to me. Like this oil cargo boat on the the top. This boat was somewhat empty as you can see the boats hull. Kirsten and I kept observing the boat and we found out that this boat came all the way from Mexico. The boat was along the side of New Jersey.

This Picture is also something else Kristen and I were pointing out. This is the small lighthouse that's around the Bayonne bridge. She was telling me that there was a small family who lived in that lighthouse and once the father of the family died his wife was left as a widow and she took over the lighthouse and she would take her kids every day to school on Staten Island every day on a rowboat.

-Laura Hernandez