New York Boat Show


Many of the students at Harbor School attended the 2018 boat show. It was a great experience, meeting manufacturers that build these boats on a regular basis. My most memorable part of the Boat Show was talking to the coast guard reserves. They gave me me great advice on what I should do with my maritime career. They influenced me to look into coast guard reserves or volunteer work. I was so attached to their table because of the ideas they were giving me to become successful was very important to me. They were talking about they’re pension. In the reserves they can get an extra paycheck. You can do the same jobs that enlisted coast guard members have. You only work two weekends per month and you get multiple paychecks and also your regular career. After meeting with them I was talking to the head of the Marine Division at Kings-borough College. He showed me different ways to tie a number of knots such as (bowline, sheet bend, clove hitch etc.). But one the most important things that he mentioned to me was the certifications that they offer. They teach you operations in piloting and welding, this matters to me personally because these are skills I am going to need in the future. When he was teaching me these knots I already knew most of them such as the bowline and clove hitch. Kings-borough is very interesting because in Vessel Operations we are using some of there curriculum.

-Davere Hanson