Indy 7 at SUNY Maritime


SUNY Maritime was the venue of a seminar called Safety at Sea. In this Safety at Sea seminar, people would rotate through stations showing different aspects of practices that should be followed while offshore and safety in general. The stations were: FireFighting, Liferaft, MOB on water & damage control.

Indy 7 was taken up to SUNY last Friday to aid with this event. She was going to be used as a launch, which she is. This meant Indy 7 was going to be used to transport people from the dock to the boats they needed to be on for the MOB drills that occurred on the water on various sailboats. As well as offloading them when the drills and the session came to an end. 

Initially, people were intimidated by Indy's sized compared to the small launches pulling up to the nice sailboats, but they soon realized with a captain like Mike Abegg at the wheel they didn't have to worry much. His boat handling skills came to play while maneuvering Indy closer and closer, walking it over to the boats to people can safely step off. Once all were offloaded, Exavier and myself got to drive Indy to take pictures of the drills occurring.

As Indy came to drop and pick people up, people realized the big scary launch was not that bad. In reality Indy was very efficient, being able to carry 3 boat loads of people comfortably in one return trip to the dock compared to the small launches one boat load.

SeniorVessel Ops