Tall Ships and youth


Today a youth forum was held, comprised of students from maritime schools and programs in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and New York. In this specific session, students were introduced to the maritime world but specifically the tall ship industry. Representatives from Tall ships like the U.S Brig Niagara, the schooner Brilliant, and the tall ship Gazela gave presentations. Each of these tall ships operates in different locations and offers a different experience. These 3 tall ships were represented in this forum but many of the presenters did mention that these were not the only programs available, there is a wider range available to individuals.

With the help of Tall Ships of America, students and adults alike can find a vessel that holds a program that they would like to be involved with. It was stated that TSA is a resource that we should all use. Tall Ships of America was created for us to get exposure to programs and help with the financial aspects through the scholarships that are offered. They hope to have more youth involved in more vessels.

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