The Three P's- Programs, People, and Partners

Our Programs:

The Vessel Operations Program is one of six Career and Technical Education (CTE) tracks at New York Harbor School. This CTE prepares students within the program for maritime careers by providing skills and certifications used in the maritime industry daily. Skills include such things as such as engine maintenance, plotting charts, radio training, and operating a training vessel with other peers working together as a crew. Among the many credentials that can be earned by the end of a student's senior year are the safe boater's certification and a commercial radio operator's license.  Students also accumulate sea time, which can be counted towards other licenses.


Our People:

Aaron Singh, waterfront director and Vessel Operations teacher.

Ann Fraioli, founding teacher in the New York Harbor School.

Luis Melendez, Harbor School alumnus and assistant waterfront director.

Mike Abegg, waterfront technician.

Mike Cohen, Vessel Operations instructor.


Our Partners:


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