Scholars at work Internship

The Scholars At Work Program is a joint effort between the Department of Education, Department of Small Business Services, and Workforce1. The main focus of the Scholars At Work program is to get graduation ready high school seniors into the working world. Students are placed in different career fields such as Airport Administration, Automotive Technician, Computer Engineering, and Maritime Logistics just to name a few. I was placed at Universal Marine Medical Supply, a marine supply company located on Staten Island. Universal Marine Medical is a world wide company with offices located in the UK, Greece, India, Singapore, and China. This company is a very important part of the Marine Industry because vessels are required to keep stock of medical supplies for crew. So far I've been tasked with updating inventory, backing up purchase orders, filling orders, and putting together medical kits. Going to this internship requires me to leave everyday on the 12:30 boat off Governors Island. This causes me to miss Vessel Operations when it is normally scheduled. In order to keep on track and get my certifications I come to the MAST Center in the morning on Thursday and Friday. Right now i should be taking the FCC Marine Radio Operator's Permit Test, but doing this blog post is more important.

SeniorVessel Ops