NYC Tug Boat Races

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The tug boat races in the Houston river was a big part of my Summer. I have been working all summer on the tugs and it was a great since was the end of my summer to go to the tug boat races. I work for Sea Wolf Marine, I was on a tug doing local sims work for my summer break. Once I heard about the tug races I knew we had to try to go since it was going to be the last time on the tugs for a while, since I was going back to school. The races were on a Saturday and we took tug Patricia to the races we had a great tie and got first in our class in the races. One of our deckhands had a great line toss, and we enjoyed our self . One of the best times was rafting up at the end of the events and seeing other people instead into the same field as I am. I met some great people and some new contacts. The tug races was a wonderful way to end my summer and Iā€™m glad I got the opportunity to participate this year.

JuniorVessel OpsSteve Reiss