New York boat show


This January, I attended the 2017 New York Boat Show at Jacob Javits Center along with other Harbor School students and staff. At the show I saw a lot of really attractive vessels such as yachts, personal water crafts, and party boats. There was even a simulator similar to the one in the MAST Center, except it was just one screen, a joystick, and a wheel. It was pretty neat to practice speed and docking a boat, but also was more of a video game with graphics at the same time.

Out of all these things at the show, what stood out to me the most was the panel of veterans and entrepreneurs in the maritime industry across the country. They each told their story in which led to their success in the industry, and answered many questions, giving useful advice to us students.

This stood out to me the most because of the many different generations of people present at the discussion. There were the teenage students (us), the adult teachers watching, and the presenters varied from a young 35 year old tug boat company owner from Staten Island, to a man more then double his age who's been working as a mechanic and engineer since the early 1970s. I love that no matter how much time has past, new faces of new upcoming generations still will have similar interests and could even develop the known basics into bigger ideas which could forever change the maritime industry all around the world.