Mooring Pickups

One day when we were picking up moorings we had come across a problem. But Aaron had us figure it out ourselves because that's how we learn and get better as a crew and improve for the future when we get jobs. It turned out the mooring line had gotten tangled and had a knot tied in it, but it could still be picked up and be put on the cleat. So after about 5 tries Aaron took control of the situation and had the helm come back around so he could do it. Aaron picked up the line and put the line on the cleat but since it had a knot it couldn't be made off. So he told us what to do in a situation like that, for example one thing that he told us was that if your in a situation like that you could do what he did and try to be a good mariner and fix the line but you cant stay on the line for too long because it is not safe. Aaron told the crew that was handling that line all the mistakes they made and what they should've don't to prevent that bad seamanship. But not only the crew learned because i also learn from their mistakes because I learn not to do the wrong things that i see and know are wrong.