Crane Operations

Two weeks ago we were being taught how to use and work with the crane. One of the most important things while on privateer and working with the crane, you must wear a hard hat and of course a PFD. To learn how to use the crane and work around it they had the whole crew move El Diablo from the dock to Privateer. It was our job to figure out what to do and how to get it there, so i went on to Indy 7 along with my crew member Grace and the rest of the crew went on the dock next to Diablo while others stayed on Privateer. This was a good practice for it because we had to communicate with each others and tell each other what we were gonna do ahead of time so that nothing went wrong. So what i had them do was throw me the line from El Diablo to Indy and me and grace walked it over to privateer from the inside of the boat. we communicated to get Diablo on Privateer and we did a great job at doing it.