Vessel Ops Lifestyle

Swerving on the water I hear the waves crashing up against the boat

PFDs are required because if you go overboard you won’t float

If the weather is too harsh you better put on that float coat

Every mission is different so you have to have hope


Tying and tossing lines is a hard task

While catching lines you gotta think fast

Be confident and stand tall like a mast

But most important be yourself and have a blast


Been here for 3 years driving vessels and looking at charts

Filling the boats with diesel I always play my part

There is no ‘I’ in Team so we succeed using teamwork

Operating the vessels as a unit making our dream work


Driving the vessels stemming and crabbing

Using this wonderful weather we’re having

At night time visibility is low so watch out for the lights that are flashing

On a rare occasion you can see the fish splashing