Maine Maritime


Our school went to Maine Maritime Academy to visit the college and their different programs. I was truly impressed once I had arrived to the Academy: it's a beautiful campus with friendly people . But their simulator was speechless, they have 4 simulator rooms and one master control station. One room was for large ships. Another room was set up for a pod system tug (this room is the room in the picture). The other two rooms are for small vessels. The pod system truly stood out to me, it was incredible. The way that the controls worked so perfectly and the way the room was set up was an exact replica of the inside of one of these vessels. I have worked with this type of simulator by TRANSAS, but I have never worked with one of the z-drive simulators and I was very impressed. I'm very thankful for this trip up to Maine and I can't wait to come back. I'm definitely looking into this school as a college. The programs are incredible, definitely looking into this school as a future for me.