Knot Tying Boards


The Junior class studied knot tying and line splicing techniques for a month long unit. We were taught four knots we had been taught in class and three different types of splices. We then individually created knot presentation boards using those knots and 4 new knots that we taught ourselves. After gluing down each knot and splice in our own unique way, we labeled each one with a description of its names and uses.

Personally, my favorite knot that I researched and tied for my board was the handcuff knot. The handcuff knot requires a specific sequence of binds such that the final product has the appearance of a handcuff used for holding together two objects. In the maritime world however, this knot is used not only to bind two items together, but also to fasten around two winches in order to raise a sail with ease. Having researched its uses and how to tie the knot, I feel prepared to put it to good use once I sail next: which hopefully will be soon!