Internship Week One

April 7th: Journal Entry #1

        As we enter the work field in a maritime-based internship we're put into the real world. Everyone is excited to be given an opportunity to learn new skills or better those we already possess. I was assigned to work in the Entertainment Cruises ticket booth which both myself and my peers are a little nervous. We're learning skills in customer service which is something I personally have very little experience in. Learning this new skill is something I am looking forward to doing.


April 21st: Journal Entry #2

             As we entered out training we have discussed numerous roles we will be playing within our internship. We will being learning the computer program, how to print and give out tickets, how to make phone calls, and other skills that come with the internship. My biggest struggle so far is learning the reservation system. My solution for this is writing step by step notes. Hopefully as I become more familiar with the program, I will better understand how to make reservations.