Helping the Seaport


It was a slow, normal high school day until our class arrived to the MAST Center. We were rushed to jump into our boiler suits, grab our bags, and board the Privateer. We had Captain Aaron, Captain Luis, and Captain Mike Abegg along with us.

Our mission was clear but time consuming. We had to get to the South Street Seaport, flake about 250ft of chain, and use the A frame on our vessel the Privateer to drop the mooring that was needed. This mooring was going to be used to put the Seaport's schooner sail training boat Pioneer away for the off-season. Therefore this was an important job that needed to get done today. Students knew this and went to work, some with and some without gloves. Stations were simple but important. Two students lifted out the chain out of the can it was in and the others including myself passed the chain long to Bryan who was the one flaking the chain under the A frame. This job was successfully completed with the help of all the captains, students, and Seaport workers. Projects such as this one allow students like myself to feel a part of the crew. It's not easy but it's important to all of us. South Street Seaport is our partner and students such as myself volunteer and sail with them.