Got A Great Contact


This past week I've been working with the techs at TRANSAS and I was able to get my personal simulator from TRANSAS up and running again. This is a great tool. TRANSAS is a marine simulation company all over the world. Their prime headquarters are based in California where they create and build these simulators. They not only have simulators in just boat steering but also have cargo ship engine room training, including specialized cargo ship crane simulators. This is great for understanding how boats operate without running the risk of actually hurting anyone. However, we still don't approach the simulator as a game. It's a training vehicle that happens to be fun.

TRANSAS and the crew are great to talk to and work with. They have helped me out whenever I have issues wight he simulators at school. My experiences on the simulator have taught me a lot about juggling information. You don't want to forget about the draft of the boat in a shallow area when you're concentrated on keeping the speed up and the course steady.