Dedication is Key

I am a soon to be graduate of the New York Harbor School. Through these past 3 years in the vessel operations program, I’ve learned that it is difficult to keep track of your responsibilities. I’ve become attached to participating in community service and find myself detaching from my CTE.

However, that’s not to say I haven’t learned valuable lessons in this class. I remember last year, a man from Maine Maritime visited and told us to not waste any time. If we want to go into the maritime field, then go. If we want to go on and study another profession, then go. Decide and pursue. Though I no longer see myself working in the maritime field, I can’t completely give up on it since my school is maritime based. I prioritized on what I feel is going to help me succeed in my high school career. At times I’ve found myself playing tug of war with the staff on what was right and what was wrong. Vessel Ops have taught me a great lesson on how to prioritize wisely and to not give up on things so easily.

And who knows? Maybe I’ll end up using the knots we learned or the charting skills in my day to day life.