Coast Guard with Vessel Ops


On the 30th of November, the Coast Guard came to Governors Island to talk to the Senior class of Vessel Operations. They talked about how the Coast Guard does many different things along the country and it's waters. Every year they stop vessels that have an average around 8.2 million dollars worth of drugs on board.

They talked about how boot camp is. According to them the requirements are just to be in a high mental state. Also to:

1. Run 1 1/2 miles with in 12 minutes

2. 30 push-ups in a minute

3. 30 sit-ups in a minute

They also have a variety of different jobs besides getting on the water. An example is being a cook. Cooks get paid well especially with a bonus added at the end of a total of $20,000. They offer an internship called Coast Guard Auxiliary. You go there And most likely can get enlisted into their program.

They also pay for college while you're in the Coast Guard. You can go for 4 full years on college and they pay for it all. There are so many advantages for being in the Coast Guard that I may have to join up.