A Day at the Sea Port


The other day at the seaport, was an very interesting day. First we started out the day with a muster at 0900 sharp. Malcolm briefly explained what was going on with Schooner Pioneer and then Colon spoke. Clark then instructed me to help remove the stern fender on W.O. Decker (tugboat). Taking off the fender was the easy part. The hard part was bring the fender to Wavertree. The fender weighed about 500 to 600 pounds, so we couldn't pull it up by ourselves. We brought it up with a donkey engine and a line. After the fender was up, Clark disappeared so I had nothing to do. I found Malcolm and he gave me a job. I went to work with the blocks down below on the barge. Once we had finished that he showed me how to use a drill press. I had to press down on a piece of wood with a big drill bit. You can see an images above. That was my wonderful day at the Seaport.