teamwork is KEY

A good Samaritan is someone who is willing to give out a helping hand when a friend ask.

Today we helped out the scuba class as they got ready for their upcoming work day. We normally go out on a boat like Indy 7 or Privateer. But today it's a little different, and that's okay.

I got to the MAST  Center  like a normal day and was expecting to head up to the room to receive instructions about going out on or working on one of the boats. But this time, we were going to have extra time working and extra work to do.

I'm normally a person who likes to have things run like they normally do but when it comes to helping other CTEs then I'm up for anything. We all have to work together for the BOP's goals to work. So Scuba was having a dive in Pier Mount, and it was going to be a long day for prepping for the upcoming dive.

We don't always get to see what happens behind the scenes in other programs. I noticed for the first time how much gear Scuba has. You would think that it's just an oxygen tank and a suit but it's so much more. They had tanks, suits, lines, first aid kits, some big and small containers containing items I didn't recognize, all which are essential for the divers' safety.

I'm always interested in what every CTE is doing, because its so nice to see how we all have grown up. We used to all be in an intro harbor class full of kids learning what the waterfront is, but now we each have been placed in a specific field of study. We don't get to see the day to day work of the other groups as often.

We are all connected in a small way and we can help and work as a team in order to achieve greater things.

SeniorVessel Ops