sailing aboard sheerwater

Sailing aboard the Sheerwater was a memorable experience. The crew is energetic, fun, helpful, organized, balanced, strong and focused. The crew consisted of Karina, Roman, Levi, and Dave. I profiled each crew member as we sailed, read on to learn more about them.
Captain — Dave

•Most experienced crew member, actually has 10 years of experience

•Learn to sail on Clearwater

•He worked on the Schooner Pioneer

•He did maintenance on Lettie G. Howard

•He has sailed on the Voyager at Connecticut

•Also on Silvina Veal at Pearl Harbor in Maine

•He worked on Young American

•And on Gazella in Philadelphia

"Always something happening in the harbor keeps it interesting Lots of traffic different current Different Wind Everyday is different "- Captain Zimmerman

Deckhand/bar tender — Levi

•He has sailed on the Sheerwater for 7 seasons

•He worked on his mother's boat when he was younger, which he says it doesn't count.

"I love it, Best job I ever had" -Levi

Deckhand — Roman

•He has been sailing on the Sheerwater for 2 seasons

•He has been sailing since was a kid

•He has more experience with small boat sailing

Deckhand — Karina

•This was her first sailing season on the Sheerwater.

•She really enjoys her job on the Sheerwater.

•She has worked on other vessels outside of nyc

"It's quiet different but it's cool"- Karina

Last but certainly not least there was Chris

•He dealt with customers shoreside.

•Chris has actually been work with Manhattan by Sail for about a year.

•He's been working since he was in middle school.
I certainly enjoyed working on the Sheerwater my experience and would be very grateful to have the opportunity to sail again while I work with Manhattan By Sail.

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