new love


There are new things we learn everyday and new things we discover everyday. I've always wanted to learn what nobody wants take an interest in. But this time I decided to go with the flow. We were set destination to head to Brooklyn Navy Yard, one my favorite of docks to approach. It is a very tight fit and has a lot of things to look out for. I don't like to drive because it's what everyone wants to do. However, this time I decided to take what everyone does and see if I might enjoy it just like they all do. I place my hands on the wheel and look around as I see my classmates doing their own individual assignments on the boat. "So this is my second time driving and I don't usually drive..." I say to my instructor. Giving me instructions in what I should do in order to operate a vessel was something that got me so interested and so thrilled. It's my new addiction now. I want to drive for one hour and then five hours and then just drive a boat until I can't drive anymore. It's something about the fact that as I drive the boat, everyone is doing their own thing and not worry about me crashing or something going wrong as I'm behind the wheel. It makes me feel like there is this type of trust that we all have on each other and that's an amazing feeling.

SeniorVessel Ops