Fenders are Great!

Throughout my time in vessel operations, I've been taught about the importance of fenders. Fenders are vital for maintaining our boats in good shape. Fenders don't just keep our boats from scratching and denting against other boats or docks, fenders are our money savers! If our boats don't get scratched up and dented then don't have to waste our time repairing the damage. If we spend less time renovating the boats then that means that we can spend more time out on the water training and that's all thanks to fenders!

During the Regatta when I was crewing Privateer I was in charge of moving from place to place on the boat with my fender and placing it wherever I thought it was necessary to keep the boat from crashing against another boat and causing damage. I felt pretty important doing my job. I say this because I literally saved us a lot of hours worth of paint jobs and that means I saved us a lot of money as well. When being on fender duty it is important to be vigilant and to be able to listen to the crew. They might see a danger you don't. I love working together as a team and being able to get a job done! Fenders are awesome and though expensive, they are definitely worth your money. They are one of the most important parts of the boat!

JuniorVessel OpsJarely Zarate