Crabbing, Stemming, Prop Walk Galore!


On Monday October 17th and Wednesday October 19th , the vessel operation seniors practiced boat handling skills and docking procedure on Pioneer, a schooner that belongs to South Street Seaport. The class split up into three watches: one that manned the helm one that was in charge of the line that Pioneer uses to pivot on, and one in charge of dock lines. We all got the chance to do each. We learned boat handling techniques like crabbing, stemming, and prop walk. The Pioneer docks in a tiny space without much maneuvering room, but, by utilizing her prop walk, the crew is able to make the turn before tying up. Basically crabbing and stemming are the techniques we use when the current and/or the wind is difficult. Stemming lets us stay physically in the same place, negating the speed of the current/wind with our engines. Crabbing is what is sounds like--scuttling like a crab from side to side. We can use the current to push us by turning the boat slightly. It was a good experience for us to apply what we learned in the classroom in the real world.