Coast Guard exam

The coast guard exam was exiting and co-operative. Seeing the coast guard officials was slightly intimidating at first but once we got underway, our officer was really chill. He would inform us about what the coast guard does and how our drills tie to the coast guard procedures. When Oscar was first thrown overboard I had to remember what our crew has been practicing, and as the captain I had to monitor and communicate with my crew. Making sure we had the latter set up once Indy was in neutral, to allow Indy's momentum to drift me safety towards Oscar, radioing in a pong or a Mede depending on the drill, making sure we communicated with the coast guard channel as we executed the drills. What was really exiting was running the abandon ship drill where I got to pop off some daytime boyant smoke cans and hand held flares. It's really fun to use the visual distress signals that I've been researching for my video project. Overall what at first seemed to be a stressful test turned out to be a great day!

JuniorVessel Ops