Another Day at pier 25


I was running a bit late due to the J train service not operating between Hewes St and Essex St. Naturally, when I realized I was quite upset at the fact that I hadn't noticed the schedule change signs the night before. The day started off somewhat irritating as I had to take a select bus service route between hewes and essex . That's beside the point though, so I was running a bit late to pier 25 and I told the dockmaster, George that I would be running late. He was not upset.

As I approached, at last, I believed it was a great approach, no rubbing of boat to boat, no squeaking from fender to boat either. However, I believe I need to readjust my hand placement when grabbing onto a boat as the launch's console is midship. I had grabbed "At last" by the stern but with the wakes that are received at pier 25 and my positioning, only 1 person, Nitzan was able to get on the boat, before the launch and at last were being pulled off each other. So I had to reapproach to get the last few people aboard safely.

Once they were on I headed back to the pier and picked up 2 people for offshore sailing and they were heading to offshore boat #7. So I got them on the launch, approached offshore boat #7 and they were on there way.

Headed back to the pier for a solo dock had to put the boat in neutral while in the mooring field to get the lines coiled and ready to go.Approached the dock at neutral because there was already enough momentum then I kicked the throttle back/astern/reverse in order to break/stop the boat and be prepared for the solo dock, got the stern line on first as tight as I could get it then I ran over to get the bowline on, and the boat was tied up.

Waited in the office for a few minutes after the solo dock and I seen The Genesis captained by Eric on it's  way in. So I headed down did a look around of the dock, checked the dingys, inflated them if need be. While in the process of that liberty national a golf boat was also approaching the dock, a bit to quickly it seemed as they may have damaged part of the hull at the bow, nothing severe it seemed. Just a scrape/scratch but a crew member of the liberty national checked it out. Then the genesis made its way in and lines were tossed, the vessel was docked and Eric waited for his charter group to come at around 10:00 AM, at which point I  casted off his lines and he and his passengers were ready for their voyage.

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