Junior Cruse Ship Visit

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Cruz on a Cruise- Mein Schiff 6

Finally after all these years wanting to be on one the Vessel Operation junior class got an opportunity to visit the Cruise Ship, Mein Schiff 6. We knew this trip was happening but it was in short notice. The Cruise Ship was dock in New Jersey and it took us 8 minutes to get there and we had a little over and hour to get the tour. After going through all the security checks and we were on the cruise ship we were greeted by our tour guide who is also the ships Officer and his name was Stefan. He was really excited to have us and we were also really excited to be there. We first look at the ranks and the position the crew was was in and he was explaining the different positions. Then we walked around in the cruise ship and I wasn’t expecting it to be like a mall. They had a lot of clothing stores, restaurants, they had places were you can tan on deck, pools, elevators, laundry room, etc. My highlight of the day was going to the main bridge. Once you walk the windows are taller than me and right in the middle you see where the where the Captain sits and where the Port Captain sits. After we had a chance to look around Captain Todd introduce himself and one thing that was really cool about him was that he was the Captain of Schooner Pioneer and that was my summer internship and I was thinking you can really work your way up to do more advanced things and that's what my teacher emphasizes. Then Captain Todd toured us around about the different monitors that are in the main bridge and in the big monitor you see in the middle, if he zooms in we can see my friend Grace on a boat and then she waved at us and we took a picture with her and my class. The overall experience of the ship was unexpected I didn’t think it was like a resort and it was beautiful, the crew was very welcoming and our tour guide Officer Stefan guided us great and answered all of our questions.

~ Ashley Cruz

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