Waterfront Summer Internship


The summer of my sophomore year in harbor,

It's getting close to summer vacation only a couple days left of classes and everyone's happy to have ended another good year in high school. One day in vessel Captain Aaron told the class that there's an opportunity to be able to work this summer as a vessel ops intern. He explained to us that this internship was a great way to improve our skills as student in this program. I was interested because it was a chance for me to get paid for something I really in joy doing. Many interviews and lots of paper work later I was able to be enrolled in this summer program. Before I started the job I had expected it to be all about driving boats and doing more of the easy work, I was wrong. When we started myself an the other interns mostly cleaned the boats and docks. It was not easy, with the sun beating down we would all go home dirty, smelly and wet with sweat. However, much of it was hard work I learned a really big lesson, driving boats is so much glamorized then in reality. In reality it is cleaning the boats working long hours and doing things that you don't necessarily want to do. This internship not only gave me something to do over the summer, but it has taught me so much about the maritime world and community with the skills I will need for life continuing in this field of work.