Going to Suny Maritime for a week was a great experience. The STEM program consisted of many different activities. We took regular college courses like science and coding classes. We also did a lot of recreational activities like paddle boarding, power boating, kayaking, and swimming. I would have to say that my favorite activity was the build your own boat made out of cardboard and duct tape. Not only did we have to build our own boat but we had to make sure it wouldn't sink while we rowed from one end of the river to the other. This was my favorite because it allowed us to use our knowledge from science class and apply it to our boat. It was also an activity that I knew I was going to do good in because I used to row and so using a paddle was no challenge for me. My group and I ended up getting first place! It was a great accomplishment since we faced a lot of difficulties like having limited supplies and having a short time to complete the boat. Overall, I loved and reallyenjoyed my time spent at SUNY Maritime!

SeniorVessel OpsJarely Zarate