My Summer College Classes


This summer I wanted to focus on getting ready for college. I was getting ready to start college classes in July and was determined to do exceptionally well in math. I wanted to better myself into becoming a successful student. The day had come for me to walk into class and I had mentally prepared myself on the train. I was ready. However, as I approached the door my hands started to tremble and I realized I was nervous. What if the other students didn't struggle in math the way I did? What if I couldn't answer the questions because it was too challenging? Would my teacher be nice enough to help me out? I then realized I would never know if I didn't open the door. So I walked in with confidence and sat at computer number 10. I took a deep breath and waited for the professor to speak. She had a welcoming smile and greeted everyone. She asked many questions and I raised my hand for each one. By the end of the day I was surprised that, Kimiko, the student who didn't understand math and who struggled was ahead by 14 pages. I came in there doubting myself but I understood that once you put your mind to something you can do it. You just have to have an open mind!