Serenity Ride

IMG_1642-169x300 (1).jpg

This time we were pretty early for a boat ride. The usual was us running and panting to the Seaport and having to make sure everyone was there.  However, this time was different this time we were early! We were walking and chatting talking about school stuff. We made it to the Seaport and we got the usual pep talk from Aaron. We're representing our school and ourselves as people. Also, people who may go into the Maritime Industry. We knew the whole spiel. We got on the Hornblower Serenity and met the captain who we've met many times before. Captain Jose was great and asked how our day was and how we were doing. He talked to us about how his job is daily and it seemed pretty tiring having to be up so early and because we were on a tour ferry. I could only assume there was a lot of repetition involved. After the boat moved from the dock, we walked around the boat to see what were some interesting things to do. I usually take it upon myself to take pictures of everyone and the setting. I took lots of pictures and the amazing scenery behind us; the statue of liberty, the BMB, Staten Island ferry, Seaport and Governors Island. We all got snacks and just enjoyed the rest of the ride. It definitely was a great way to end our day.