Maritime Career Awareness Fair


It was an amazing opportunity being able to attend the first ever Maritime Career Awareness Fair over at Brooklyn Cruise Ship Terminal. Having an interest in maritime based colleges and career options was more than important for my participation in the fair. With such limited time in the fair, I was only able to speak with two stands that really captured my attention. When I walked over to Hornblower Cruises and with SUNY Maritime Colleges' stand I asked helpful questions that clarified my choices with internships and future choices as a senior in Harbor School. Speaking to Mark Phillips (Director of Maritime Relationships for Hornblower Cruises NYC) we briefly discussed the application process, entry-level jobs, and future career opportunities with the company while mentioning past alumni who were once in my shoes. I was also fortunate enough to meet with the Dean of Admissions from SUNY Maritime college, Rohan Howell, for a second time since attending the STEM Academy this previous summer at their campus. As I spoke with him and four regiments enrolled students, they were able to answer questions about majors, career opportunities, and other persuasive aspects of what SUNY Maritime has to offer. This was an experience that I will take into account more and more every day as my time as a senior approaches graduation.

Being a high school student from one of the most unique schools in the world, the work I participate in and out of school should relate to the opportunities that Harbor School has had to offer. Working with the industry in the past, I have experienced serving food and drinks to customers and taking on the role of a deckhand. Having friends and former classmates working with Hornblower Cruises NYC; it is no surprise that I am interested. Rowing on the south side of Pier 40 and frequently spending time on the water, I have had time to observe the vessels from afar and admire their business. Being given multiple tours of the different vessels and asking different workers questions about their experiences I should definitely consider applying in the warmer season if not soon. In mu current position of thinking about my future education and lifestyle SUNY Maritime seems like a perfect fit for me. Being close to home, working in the Maritime Industry, having students and faculty I have had past experiences and partnerships, gives no negatives correlations to attending, let alone applying, to SUNY Maritime. The Maritime Career Awareness fair helped push me a step further into my life and notified me of options for entering adulthood.